SCHN – SoCal Hamnet

With a focus on disaster communications, SoCal Hamnet is a group of radio operators dedicated to deploying and maintaining an IP-based amateur radio digital mesh network across all of Southern California.  We coordinate the deployment of “WiFi” networking equipment expanding both the coverage and capabilities of this system throughout multiple counties.  Currently different aspects of the network stretch from Santa Barbara to the Mexican border which are accessible to amateur radio operators and emergency service groups. Although this system covers a vast area, much of the network has differing capabilities and some significant gaps in user coverage. Contributions to our group will help fill those gaps and strengthen the capabilities of this cutting edge technology.


The network consists of numerous outdoor network access points running in either the Part 15 wireless bands, or more frequently the Part 97 amateur radio bands. The system runs custom firmware created and maintained by AREDN (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network).

The majority of this network can be seen and explored at

The AREDN firmware now supports three brands of hardware and over 60 different models accommodating a wide variety of network requirements.


The network allows the deployment of many types of “services” including, but not limited to:

  • Keyboard to keyboard (IM)
  • Voice (both voice chat and VOIP phone systems)
  • Video (both video chat and streaming webcams)
  • Docs (like Google Docs)
  • Web servers / pages (supporting many various applications)
  • Dropboxes – (like NextCloud)
  • Store and forward (email) – utilizing the Internet standard SMTP mail transfer protocol. This includes among other things, Winlink.

SCHN will accept donations towards network expansion and maintenance for “Los Angeles County and surrounds”, per LA EMCOMM’s charter.   As a 501(c)3 donations through LA EMCOMM Group are fully tax deductible.

To contribute please visit the PayPal link on this page.

In addition to donations, should anyone have a need for funding, please contact Please provide a detailed rationale, deployment plan, schedule, and budget for funding to be considered. Note that SCHN’s focus is infrastructure primarily related to network backbone and user network access points.   Application-specific requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

For more information please also visit