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Radio transmission is the most reliable form of emergency communication when disaster strikes. The LA EMCOMM Group (Los Angeles Emergency Communications) is dedicated to bringing together, coordinating, and collaborating communication across many essential emergency organizations. LA EMCOMM group is a 501c3, nonprofit corporation, organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. We specifically support the city of Los Angeles, as well as other cities and agencies within LA and its surrounding counties, with emergency communications during disasters. Here you can find information about individual groups as well as multi-agency events and activities. We also provide a convenient portal to find more information on how you can join, volunteer, contribute, and donate to any or all of these vital organizations.

LA EMCOMM Group also supports Los Angeles by providing volunteer Amateur Radio Operators training and education. Trained Amateur Radio operators are then associated with a served agency, hospital, or relief center. At those locations they will be able to help their community during and after a disaster. Operators will communicate health and welfare messages to family and friends in locations within or outside of the disaster area, request supplies, and will report dangerous situations where life or loss of property is threatened.

As a specialized field within the broader field of emergency communications LA EMCOMM encourages training in Disaster Emergency Communications. This covers all technical procedures and operating modes for public safety agencies at all levels of government and facilitates them in performing their communications. Trained Amateur Radio operators can assist with maintaining functionality and facilitate communication interoperability between these agencies. (e.g. law enforcement, fire services, emergency medical services, and other government agencies like FEMA)

LA EMCOMM Group works with many local hospitals, government agencies, and other non-governmental organizations throughout Los Angeles County.

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