About Us

LA EMCOMM is a group of trained radio operators specializing in emergency communications. As members of the these emergency communication groups, we saw a long overdue need to provide a platform for interoperability and cooperation among the various other organized emergency communications groups in the Los Angeles area. The idea is that in time of need we will all be able to work together in an effective and cohesive manner.

Our combined mission is to facilitate backup communications for the various agencies throughout the area. This includes the agencies from the State of California (CHP), City of Los Angeles, L.A. County, Hospitals, and other NGO organizations (community groups, neighborhood councils, churches, etc.). We provide a pathway for all the various amateur radio groups to get our jobs done in a coordinated manner. With a limited number of shared radio frequencies available to us, we create and implement strategies to best serve these agencies, and the public at large.

Radio communications are very important in a crisis. Situational awareness is crucial in effective decision making. Without current front-line information, incident commanders can be severely constrained, as was the case during the 2017 catastrophes in Sonoma and Montecito California.

The sophisticated digital communication systems available today for voice and data are amazing in how much information they can handle, but due to their complexity, they tend to be somewhat fragile. When those systems go down, for whatever reason, that is when our trained amateur radio emergency communications operators come into play.

Our operator-owned and maintained systems are very straightforward, resilient, and self sufficient. We can move to a location, set up battery powered, (and solar or generator rechargeable equipment) and be able to transmit and receive information in very little time. So if an incident commander lost communications for any reason, we would be able to set up an alternate link to their Emergency Operations Center (EOC), or other team leaders in the field and thereby keeping information flowing.

The Los Angeles Emergency Communications Group (LA EMCOMM) is open to anyone who is interested in supporting the Group’s goals. We are funded through donations by the public and conduct activities in the greater Los Angeles area.