Amazon Smile App How To

If you want to use Amazon Smile on your mobile device please be aware this cannot be done using the Amazon app. To enable Smile from your device complete the following instructions.

For Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.):

  1. If you already have the Amazon app installed on your device, on your home screen press and hold the app icon until it begins to wiggle, then press the little “X” to remove the app. (this step is optional but avoids confusion)
  2. Visit using Safari and login if you have not done so already (this will not work with chrome, firefox, etc.)
  3. Hit the share button at the bottom middle area of the screen (Box with an upwards facing arrow)
  4. Tap “Add To Home Screen” icon (Plus sign icon)

This will create a shortcut on your home screen that will automatically log you into your amazon smile account.